Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thoughts on Veterans' Day, Nov 11, 2016

I was too young to fully grasp this event-- not quite 3 1/2 years old-- but I do remember when our family was notified, in Japan. It's the earliest memory I have as a child.

It was in early in the morning. We were in the kitchen. Dad was sitting at the kitchen table. I crawled into his lap-- he was wearing a white t-shirt, his face cradled in his hands, sobbing. I was trying to make him feel better, not fully understanding why he was crying so hard.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election of Donald Trump 2016

Again, this is a post that is intended primarily for our children, Anna and Luke, as a record of events and thoughts in their father's life that they might find interesting.

Closing thoughts on this weird day, Nov 9, 2016:

I voted for Hillary because Trump behaved in a way that was counter to every fiber of my upbringing. My Dad was a die-hard Reagan fan when Reagan was governor of California. Dad died before Reagan was elected President. That would have been a big moment. Mom followed Dad's lead when it came to politics, but after he died, she followed her own path of independence. Party didn't matter to her anymore. Morals and ethics mattered and she hated Trump because of that, before it was easy. Dad would have hated him because he was vile and crude to women, including his daughters...and because he was a city dude from New York, when dude meant dude.

I feel no remorse for Hillary's loss. I didn't like her anyway. She is the prototype career politician that is corrupting our political system and the very culture of the United States. And I can't mourn for someone who can't even beat Donald Trump. Dirtiest vote of my life.

I'm shocked by the people whom I know dearly and claim family values, yet feel no sense of guilt or filth from voting for Trump and celebrating him like a god damn hero. The hypocrisy kills me. I sure wish I could see a little more, "Trump sucks, but not as bad as Hillary", from you. I could understand that.

I want Mother Nature to know, if She starts getting even more trashed... And I want my gay, lesbian, Muslim, Black, and immigrant friends to know... if the shit hits the fan, I'll be there with you, joined by millions of others. You don't even have to call.

But here we are... and I'm going to pray and hope that Trump is the agent of good change that we need in American politics. I absolutely want him to be a great President for all of us. I absolutely want him to help Make America Great Again. Rather than wring our hands and expect him to be a demagogue, let's expect him to be great. Let's see if his ego can deliver on the brags.


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