Friday, September 20, 2013

On Obamacare: Here's What You Should Tell Congress

The House defunds Obamacare... for the 40th time.

This is a ridiculous state of politics. It would be a disaster to repeal the law in its entirety and start over.

The vast majority of the concepts behind Obamacare are very sound and should be retained, but the way the law was written creates enormously costly and inefficient bureaucratic overhead. The overhead is a disincentive to reform.

This is the message that we should send to Congress: "Keep the core concepts of Obamacare, but rewrite and trim down the law. Remove the long-standing laws that Obamacare retained which allow the pharmaceutical and insurance companies to operate as protected monopolies. Rather than telling the healthcare industry how to reform, act like the world's largest healthcare customer-- that's the US government-- and simply tell the industry to reform in three years."  

This is what Congress and a new version of Obamacare should say to the healthcare industry: "We are not going to pay you for every procedure anymore. We are going to pay you treat, and prevent, the entire injury or disease, from start to finish, and provide high quality, affordable care to everyone in the country. Those organizations that provide the highest quality care and health at the lowest price possible will earn more of our business. You, the healthcare industry, figure out how to transform yourself."

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Mark Candelaria said...

Love it. Let's get the message out there!

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