Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This post has very little to do with being a healthcare CIO or executive of any kind... or does it?  If you occupy a position of leadership, you are responsible for creating unity, all around you.  While complete unity may not always be possible, as a leader, you must always strive for it.  But we can't always rely on leaders, elected or appointed, to be the role mode for unity.  It starts with each of us.

The man we elect President tonight can do little more than act as a role model-- good or bad. Absent his role as leader of the US military, he can do very little, and even that role can be usurped by Congress. So... it makes little sense to be consumed with opinion about winning and losing, and further alienate one another. We are the UNITED states. The accountability for the dream and role model resides in each of us. Do we reach out with an arm around the shoulders of those next to us, or turn our back to them? Do men protect women, children and the invalid, or do we prey upon them? Do we cheer in good sport for the opposing team, or celebrate their injury? Do we find wonder and curiosity in different religions, races, and cultures, or do we find repulsion? Do we exploit or respect? Do we enslave ourselves in chains of greed or free ourselves in the winds of benevolence? We need to stop living as if the better answers reside in the identities of those we elect.

Tomorrow morning, wouldn't it be refreshing if we didn't talk about winners and losers, but rather unity and individual accountability for realizing the dream?

By the way, I'm a die-hard political independent and generally distrust both political parties. :-)

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