Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Are You Lovesighted in Business?

Lovesighted: A metaphor for nearsighted and/or farsighted, wherein the victim fails to see the reality of a situation because the better logic of their mind is overcome with the emotional love of self, love of their own ideas, or love of another person. Can also apply to companies and industries who fail to see the reality of their changing market because they are emotionally attached to traditional business models. Frequently affects teenagers, mothers, and CEOs in healthcare and automotive manufacturing.


(Rikki Lynn photography)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Year Back In Durango

Living and working from Durango is awesome... it's great to be back home.  We are sharing time with Mom at the perfect time in her life.  Her health is amazing for 88 yrs, thus life is still fun for her and we are having fun with her, too.  But her health is definitely on the decline.  The timing of living here is perfect-- 100% confirmation of a life-changing conversation in prayer and meditation about two years ago.

But working from Durango has its challenges.  The logistics and inefficiencies of travel are insane...physically exhausting at times.  You feel disconnected from the people and teams that you would otherwise be working very closely with.  You are disconnected socially from Durango because 95% of your interactions are external to the community.  This physical disconnect also gives you a feeling of "out of sight, out of mind"... you occasionally feel very disposable.  You feel uncertain about the future-- Is working from Durango sustainable, economically?  Uncertainty in this answer makes you work even harder to o overcome the feeling of disposability and make sure that living in Durango will be successful and sustainable for everyone who depends on you.

These unusual feelings and Durango inefficiencies are piled on top of an inherently busy and complicated profession.  The changes in healthcare and information technology are both moving at light speed, so simply keeping up with those combinatorial changes is a challenge in itself.  Finally, as a member of the leadership team for a startup company, you feel very accountable for the success of a business that now employs 65 people, and ripples out to 150 of their family members.

So... it's not a 24/7 life of shiny happy faces living and working in Durango... but it's still the perfect place to be at the perfect time in life.

This sounds terribly whiney, doesn't it?  I'm enormously, endlessly lucky.  :-)

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