Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Healthcare Reform Debate Continues

Now the healthcare reform political debate has switched to two topics about whether states should implement: (1) Health Insurance Exchanges (HIE); and (2) Adopt the new formula that determines who is eligible for Medicaid.  The new formula would provide greater coverage for lower income individuals and families.

There should be zero political debate about whether HIE's are good for taxpayers and consumers-- they are.  End of debate.  Insurance companies don't want them because they will eventually drive up competition and drive down premiums.  Many GOP governors don't support HIE's simply because they prefer to oppose anything to do with Obama.

The #2 issue is more complicated and worthy of healthy debate, not along political party lines.  While expanding Medicaid coverage is a good thing to do socially-- providing insurance for those who can't afford to pay seems like the humane thing to do in our country.  The problem is, many states can't afford to fund expanded coverage right now, nor can the federal government.  So... it's the right thing to do socially, but a foolish thing to do financially at this time in history, without a plan to afford the increase in coverage.

Remember: I'm a registered political Independent and have been my whole voting life.

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