Monday, March 26, 2012

Healthcare Reform Is Being Debated in the Supreme Court Today

The debate focuses on whether the "Individual Mandate" for healthcare insurance is constitutional or not. This is a critically important day for the US...this debate has implications about constitutionality and federal authority that extend far beyond just healthcare. If I were President of the US, trying to improve healthcare quality and control healthcare expenses for everyone, I would advocate in favor of the Individual Mandate. If I were a judge and constitutional lawyer, I would advocate that Congress had overstepped the bounds of the Constitution-- i.e., Individual Mandate should be overturned at the federal level, and deferred to each state, much like the "other" individual mandate for automobile insurance that is now required in virtually every state. But if Individual Mandate is overturned at the federal level, the state governors better get their act together, quickly, otherwise all of us will suffer under the continuance of a dysfunctional healthcare economic system.

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